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Product Information: 

  • 4 pieces of DeVilbiss Reusable Filter 

Wash weekly and replace it every 2 -3 months

Product Description

The pollen foam filters are used with the DeVilbiss Machines to filter the air being provided to the user. The machine pulls room air to generate the positive air pressure being provided to the user and the filter prevents air pollutants from entering the machine. The filter allows the machine to provide the user with the best quality air possible.

The pollen foam filters can be cleaned by using warm soapy water on a weekly basis. A wet filter should NEVER be placed in the machine and the filter will need to be completely dry before putting it back into the machine. Proper cleaning is important to ensure the machine works properly. A dirty filter can affect the machine's life expectancy by making it over work. If a machine overworks for too long, it can cause it to fail completely.





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DeVilbiss Pollen Foam Filters for CPAP Machine

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