We Are Medbitz is a boutique Therapy Centre for Sleep & Respiratory Healthcare, setup in mid of pandemic in 2020 by Ms. Agnes Chow, RPSGT  and Mr. Perry Liu, RPSGT. 

Ms Agnes Chow is backed with 24 years of experience while Mr. Perry Liu has been in the sleep care for 9 years. We Are Medbitz focus on personalizing CPAP Therapy care for each of our patient’s. With the advance technology in medical equipment and our In-house therapy management system, we keep track of each therapy progress at our finger tips.

Mr. PERRY LIU, has strong understanding in anatomy and physiology of the Ear, Nose and Throat as he has spent first half of his career working along with ENT specialist. He has performed numerous sleep study, titration andRespiratory, Perry continuously updates himself by attending workshops, trainings to learn about the latest development in medical information and technology to provide the highest quality support to doctors and patients

“Being clinically trained, I have a deeper understanding of patient condition, higher ability to provide solution that is the best for my patient for a sustainable therapy with optimal results” ~ Perry

Contact: +65 8877 0191 or  perry@wearemedbitz.com 

Ms AGNES CHOW was the founder of Avattvon Medical before it was being acquired by an international healthcare company – VitalAire Avattvon located at Shaw Centre.

In 2019, Ms Agnes extended her footprints to Indonesia as a clinical and business consultant for PT. Indo Medika Nusantara.

Throughout her career, Ms Agnes has conducted numerous workshops on CPAP Therapy and Continues Therapy Management. Ms. Agnes has unquestionable passion in sleep management, many of her patients has become personal friends through the years.

“I am very lucky to get to do what I enjoy - connecting with people. It is very satisfied witnessing the AHI number keep dropping and always so heat-warming to see my patients coming back year after year still enjoying quality sleep.”

Contact: +65 9003 8841 or  Agnes@wearemedbitz.com