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  • DreamStation Auto BiPAP (2 year warranty)
  • DreamStation Heated Humidifier (1 year warranty) 
  • 1 x water chamber for heated humidifier
  •  6 ft Tube, 15mm diameter
  •  1 x Dark Blue Reusable Filter
  •  1 x Light Blue Disposable Filter
  •  1 x SD Card
  •  1 x Power Supply with Adapter (80w)
  •  1 x Carrier Bag
  •  1 x Manual Guide



Therapy Modes:  CPAP, BiPAP, Auto BiPAP 
Size: Machine with Heated Humidifier 11.7 L x 6.5 x 3.3 H inch
Weight: Machine with Heated Humidifier 2.kg 
Noise: 25.8 dBA
Pressure Range:

IPAP 4 - 20cmH2O, EPAP 4 - 20 cmH2O, PS 3 - 8cm 


Automatic Adjustment Up to 7500 feet

Data Storage:

 SD card 1 year of data

Data Info:  

AHI, Flow Limitation, Respiratiory Effort Related Arousal Snore, Mask Leak, Periodic Breathing, 90% IPAP 90% EPAP

Why choose a BiPAP?

The biggest difference of Auto CPAP and Auto BiPAP is the comfort level in adapting to PAP therapy and during exhalation. 

Auto BiPAP a dual pressure device for OSA, offering greater comfort in adapting to PAP Therapy. It is set to detect the required pressure during inhalation and exhalation, morning your breathing breath-by-breath. The pressure difference in-between the breathe exchange can be as high as 8cm difference, making it much comfortable to exhale even when you demand a high pressure in the night.

Some may find Auto BiPAP is alittle louder than Auto CPAP, this is due to the movement of pressure difference during every breathe exchange. 

Who is idea for Auto BiPAP?

 If you:
- having trouble sleeping through or falling asleep with Auto CPAP
- having difficulty in exhaling with Auto CPAP  

Clinical Setting for Auto BiPAP?

Yes, you will need professional help for a best suitable clinical setting for Auto BiPAP Therapy. It may take up to 3 months to achieve stability of clinical setting as it take time for our body to adapt to the therapy. 




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Philips DreamStation Auto BiPAP with Heated Humidifier

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