Clean your CPAP hose quickly and effectively

During your CPAP therapy, moisture will enter your CPAP tubing. This moisture is caused by temperature differences between the air in your bedroom and the air in the hose. Your respiration also causes condensation. This moisture buildup can eventually attract bacteria and germs. For this reason, we recommend to clean your CPAP hose after each use. Thanks to the Pürdoux CPAP hose brush with soft bristles you’ll clean it quickly and effectively!

Easy to use

The Pürdoux CPAP hose brush is easy to use. First wash your CPAP hose thoroughly in lukewarm water and mild soap, preferably Pürdoux CPAP soap. Keep the hose as straight as possible and gently insert the brush. Continue until you reach the middle of the hose and repeat the cleaning process from the other side. Pulling the Pürdoux cleaning brush back and forth is the fastest way to clean your tubing. Then rinse the hose with cold water and allow it to dry while hanging.

  • Local order will be send out the next working day via Ninja Van or Q-Express courier service. 
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Advance booking of an appointment is advisable if you would like to some setup service.   


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CPAP Hose Brush - Purdoux

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