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Bundle a ResMed mask of your choice with ResMed AirSense10 AutoSet (4G) to enjoy saving of $100

  • ResMed AirSense 10 Auto CPAP (2 year warranty)
  • Built-In HumidAire Heated Humidifier 
  • 1 x Humidifier Water Chamber
  •  1 x ClimateLineAir Heated Tube - 15mm Diameter
  •  1 x Standard Filter (installed)
  •  1 x Power Supply with Adapter 
  •  1 x Carrier Bag
  •  1 x Manual Guide 

    Therapy Consultation Session with RPSGT - Registered Polysomnographic Technologist™ (RPSGT) is an internationally recognized credential representing the highest certification in the field for the health care professionals who clinically assess patients with sleep disorders.

    • Personalize clinical setup -a customize range of pressure setting, ramp, sensitivity and other setting available in the machine could affect your comfortable and adaptation level to CPAP therapy for OSA
    • Mask Fitting Session - selecting the best fitted mask is essential for your adaptation to CPAP
    • 2 Weeks therapy monitoring - adjustment and fine tuning of clinical setting is common during the first 2 weeks on CPAP as your body is adapting to CPAP, therefore early intervention improve the success rate and optimize your result from CPAP therapy.
    • Therapy Review In-Person or Remotely on the 3rd week of CPAP Therapy with detail clinical data generate from your CPAP machine, our therapist will walk you through the 2 week data in detail. 

    About AirSense10 AutoSet FOR HER

    The For Her model of ResMed’s popular CPAP machine has a more sensitive flow algorithm that picks up Hypopneas/flow limitation better than the standard model. while does not let the pressure increase dramatically during the detection of these hypopneas/flow-limitation events prevent any arousal caused by the pressure movements. 

    ResMed has always been the preferred brand for Sleep & Respiratory machines. 
    The AirSense10 AutoSet is a compact machine with a built-in humidifier and detachable water chamber. A hose elbow connects the tubing to the machine at a right angle, giving the pressurized air a clear pathway. The machine comes with a pre-installed filter and a travel bag. 

    myAir™ app is a support program by ResMed that enables you to track your sleep therapy with your ResMed AirSense10 / For Her or AirCurve10 machine. After each therapy session, your Air10™ machine automatically uploads data to myAir. You can then sign in and view important information about your therapy at your convenience.

      Therapy Modes:   CPAP , Auto CPAP 
      Size:  Machine with Heated Humidifier 15.5cm L x 11.6cm W x 15cm H
      1.24kg device alone  / 2,3kg complete set  
      26.6 dBA
      Pressure Range:
      4 to 20 cmH2O
      Automatic Adjustment Up to 8500 feet
      Ramp Mode:
      Auto Start / Off: 
      Exhalation Relief:  Yes
      FAA Compliant: 
      • HumidAir integrated heated humidifier is built in to the CPAP device. You can use the ClimateLineAir heated hose tube or a standard SlimLine lightweight hose tube.
      • AutoRamp technology starts your therapy pressure at a low setting and increases therapy pressure once sleep onset is detected. This is a great feature for new CPAP users to adjust to pressure as they wake up throughout the night the device will drop the pressure to allow the user to get back to sleep faster without the feeling of an overwhelming high pressure setting and without the need to manually hit the ramp button again.
      • ClimateLine Air: The integrated heated humidifier is now a standard feature and the option to purchase with standard SlimLine hose tubing or ClimateLine heated hose tubing. The heated line tubing is great for people that are sensitive to dryness from the use of CPAP and it promotes humidity throughout the entire hose.
      • Advanced Event Detection can tell the difference between obstructive sleep apnea events or central apnea events (central sleep apnea is treated with Bi-level therapy or ASV therapy and is most often not treated with standard CPAP pressure).
      • SmartStart allows you to simply put the mask on and start breathing which will initiate the device to turn on automatically and begin therapy. Please note this setting is not activated when we ship your device unless you specify otherwise.


      Therapy Management

      Routine check-ups, cleaning, filter changes, pressure flow and review of therapy detail data for adjustments on clinical setting are a vital and key component to sleeping better on CPAP machine. Remember it is important to bring your CPAP machine every 6 months for a check-up. 

      CPAP Buddy is a therapy management program by We Are  Medbitz, this is a program first launched in Singapore by Ms. Agnes Chow, RPSGT in 2014. Managing thousands of CPAP user enjoying satisfactory results from their CPAP therapy for OSA.

      • Pre-scheduled message will be send to remind you that it's time for a CPAP Therapy Review and machine routine check. 
      • 30 mins therapy review with our therapist (RPSGT) while your machine is under a routine check
      • CPAP Buddy discount on accessories and machine upgrade

      To know more about CPAP Buddy - Contact us at 8877 0191 

      • Local order will be send out the next working day via Ninja Van or Q-Express courier service. 
      • Self-Collection is available at 111. Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #04-26 Singapore 238164.  Hotline: +65 8877 0191

      Advance booking of an appointment is advisable if you would like to some setup service.   


      We've got everything U need for CPAP Therapy!

      ResMed AirSense10 FOR HER AutoSet (4G) + ResMed Mask
      218800 228800

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