Premium 2 in 1 brush to clean and dry your CPAP hose

This luxurious brush from Pürdoux is a useful tool to clean and dry your CPAP hose. The brush head allows you to clean your tubing quickly and easily. Temperature differences between the air in your bedroom and the air in the hose cause condensation. For this reason we recommend cleaning your tubing after each night in order to prevent moisture buildup. If you do not clean your hose properly, the moisture will become a source of bacteria and germs. Hygiene is essential!

Easy to use

The 2 in 1 brush is easy to use: at home and on vacation. You can assemble the brush with a maximum of 5 stems so that you can use it with a length of your choice. The stem is made of tent pole material. This gives it the strength to reach far into the hose and the flexibility to follow its contours.

Cleaning your CPAP hose

First clean your CPAP hose in soapy water with lukewarm water and some mild soap, preferably Pürdoux CPAP soap. Then take the Pürdoux brush, carefully insert it in your hose and work it back and forth in short strokes. We recommend to stop at the middle of the hose and then clean the other half. Rinse your hose with cold water and dry it using the micro fiber cloth tips for drying. The 2 in 1 brush is easy to assemble within a few seconds. It takes up almost no space!

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Premium 2 In 1 CPAP Hose Brush - Purdoux

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