Many diabetes patients avoid needle injection therapy due to psychological discomfort of self-injection needle. Fear of needle, self-injection, and injection pain.


Miracle Jex, painless, easy to use, needleless  therapy injector for your daily needs of medication to treat high blood glucose.

The first needl free (NF) injection system was developed during the 1940s and 1950s. Over the years, these devices has been modified, improved for effectiveness and ease of use. From a high cost device to a afforable NF Injector today. 

Needle-free injection was developed to promote traditional diabetic daily medicine injection therapy acceptance and improve the effectiveness of the therapy.  Needle-free injection has been shown to have an advantage in controlling post-prandial glucose levels due to its faster medicine absorption and more rapid effect than conventional syringe injections


Benefits of Miracle Jex - Needle Free Injection

How it works


 Components of Miracle Jex


 How to inject with Miracle Jex

Try Miracle Jex for 30 days!

Bring home a set of Miracle Jex Injector and supply of disposable ampoules for a month trial. 

  • Trial Miracle Jex Injector / Gun Kit

  • 1 Box of Ampoules (50pcs)

  • 1 Cap Adaptor for Pen or Vial 

  • Coaching Session on how to operate Miracle Jex

Only $65 nett for a month trial. 8877 0191 or 9003 8841 to book an appointment


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