RPSGT is an internationally recognized credential representing the highest certification in the field for the health care professionals who clinically assess patients with sleep disorder.
We Are Medbitz are set up by 2 RPSGT with 20 years experienced providing Sleep Diagnostic and Customized CPAP Therapy for thousands of patient
With comprehensive therapy coaching and tailor individual CPAP therapy, we achieved high success rate in assisting our customer in adapting to CPAP Therapy.   


For First TIme CPAP User:
Therapy Consultation Session. Bring home a CPAP for 2 weeks trial 

  • Bring along your Sleep Test Report, so that our Therapy Consultant will go through the report with you again to have a deeper understanding of your sleep test result
  • Getting to know what is CPAP Therapy and Maskintroducing of CPAP and Type of mask. Information on how CPAP function in treating Sleep Apnea.
  • Mask Fitting Session. There are many mask design to fit every individual. Getting proper mask fit increases the success rate in adapting CPAP therapy 
  • Try on Mask and CPAP. You will get to try on the mask with initial CPAP setting. Your Therapy Consultant will provide a recommended setting for you to start off the CPAP Trial
  • Therapy Coaching. Get familiar on how to fit the mask yourself. Tips on adapting to the Therapy

A In-House CPAP Therapy Management software keep tracking every step of your therapy. We Are Medbitz is committed in providing top quality therapy management to all our patient 


For Current CPAP Owner having trouble adapting to CPAP Therapy

Not able to sleep through the night with CPAP or feeling uncomfortable with CPAP may due to different factor like wrong  mask fit, clinical setting is not customize to your need. 

We are here to help. Arrange an appointment with us for a CPAP Reset Therapy Consultation. 

  • Bring along your CPAP and Mask 
  • Pass CPAP Report and Sleep Report 
  • Review of past data and report to have a understanding of your therapy history. The data may provide us sign of trouble with your therapy 
  • Mask check and Re-fit. Mask part may be worn out over time, therefore checking and refit the mask is essential.
  • Trying it all on in our therapy room to allow our therapy consultant to determine on the reset of your therapy setting.
  • 1 Month Therapy Monitoring to ensure you are getting back on road with CPAP therapy. Therapy Adjustment may required during this one month. We may also extend the monitoring period when required.
  • 1 Year Regular Therapy Review with our in-house customize CPAP Therapy Monitoring System, we will keep track and get intouch with for therapy review session.

Professional CPAP Therapy Management increases the success rate in adapting CPAP therapy with higher compliance rate. Our Therapy Management program has improved through the years as we collect experience working with more and more CPAP owner. 

Whatsapp or give us a call for a Phone Consultation or arrange for an appointment : 8822 0191 (Perry Liu, RPSGT)

Frequently Asked Question on CPAP Trial

How Do I Start a CPAP Trial?

Contact our Therapy Consultant (RPSGT) at 65 8877 0191 for a Tele-Consultation before arranging an appointment for a CPAP Trial Set Up Consultation. 

How Much Is the CPAP Trial?

CPAP Trial is Free for 14 days with an purchase of mask. 

If you already have your own mask, you can rent a machine at a weekly cost. 

What Machine Will I Get To Try?

Only the latest model Auto CPAP / Auto BiPAP will be provided for the trial.

In the 14 days CPAP trial, you can choose to try different model of Auto CPAP / Auto BiPAP. 

Who Should I Be Meeting for CPAP Trial Set Up Consultation?

In We Are Medbitz, our CPAP Trial Consultation is conducted by RPSGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist). 


What Do I Need To Bring Along For The Consultation?

Bring along your Sleep Test report if you have one. We encourage to have your bed partner to come along with you.

What Should I Expect at the end of the 14 Days Trial?

An appointment will be arrange for an CPAP Trial Review. Report will be generated from the device and your Therapy Consultant will provide a detail explanation and adjustment of Therapy may be needed.



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