Have you been looking for the 'perfect' pillow and wish there could be a pillow made just for you? 

We Are Medbitz would like to recommend Mpillow by MellowLife, a personalize modular pillow. Mr. Darren Yeo, the creator of Mpillow , is a engineer whom struggled for years in finding a pillow that provide comfort for sleep. 

At MellowLife office, Mr Darren Yeo provide a comprehensive measurement of your shoulder, neck and head to customize a pillow for you.  You will also get to understand the making of Mpillow. 

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Google reviews: 

"I always had an issue for sleeping as my neck will feel sore, but I had overcome after i got the “Mpillow”. It helps me to relax both muscles in my neck and shoulders. This cushion is flexible to adjust and correct spine alignment to decrease my shoulder discomfort, furthermore, after each night of sleep, the pillow returns to original form,

Its a great product design."

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 "I started using M pillow since it was first launched in late 2018. I like it for it’s comfort and how it fits my head snugly . Also i can adjust the pillow ‘s softness accordingly and it has helped me to achieve blissful sleep over the last 5 yrs ! Its a great product that has saved me some money . Thank your Mpillow for their great invention and innovation!"

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Customize Pillow - Mpillow

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